United Utilities

Organization type: Publicly listed company

Industry: Utilities

Region: Europe

Annual Report 2016

Benchmarked reports


United Utilities has won the Finance for the international Finance Future Award for 'Communicating integrated thinking'. This award is for organizations that are demonstrating clearly, through communicating to their providers of financial capital, how multi-capital thinking is embedded into their overall strategy and decision making process and how this ‘integrated thinking’ is contributing to a sustainable business model which delivers long term value.

In its 2016 annual report United Utilities clearly identifies and effectively explains what the company does and the circumstances under which it operates, together with its vision, strategy and key strategic milestones. The presentation of the principal risks and uncertainties that have been identified is set out in an informative and understandable way.There is a useful section on creating value, which links factors relating to the external environment, strategic themes, key resources, long-term planning, the business plan, customer outcomes and providing a return for investors. The diagram of the business model provides a very useful overview of the system of transforming inputs into outcomes that create value.

Finally, the above is very effectively communicated using a mix of easily understandable text, helpful diagrams and colour coding and with extensive use of hyperlinks to other parts of the report or to other information.