Kumba Iron Ore

Organization type: Publicly listed company

Industry: Basic materials

Region: Africa

Integrated Report 2017

Integrated Report 2017

Business model

IR Guiding Principles

  • Strategic focus and future orientation
  • Connectivity of information
Integrated Report 2016

Integrated Report 2016

EY Excellence in Integrated Report Awards 2017 - Top 10

1st (with Honours)

Top 10


Mid Cap


Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2014

Award: 2015 Excellence in Integrated Reporting - Top 10

Judge's comments

Kumba’s report is well structured with useful and extensive cross-references to other reporting publications. The scope and boundary of the report are outlined early on and the use of clear diagrammatic presentations enhances the general crispness of the report. The explanation of the business model is excellent.

The explanation of how risks are identified and the presentation of these risks, together with a ‘heat map’ that depicts the likelihood and impact or consequence of each particular risk, is particularly well handled. The process for determining material issues is clearly outlined, together with the matters that are material to the group and how the group is responding to each issue. A sensible distinction is made between matters that are of concern in each of the short, medium and long term. 
The chief financial officer's review clearly summarizes the financial performance of the group and good use is made of waterfall graphs to show year-on-year movements for a number of key financial metrics. The explanatory narrative alongside each key financial statement presented within the review is particularly effective in explaining the story behind the numbers.