Redefine Properties

Organization type: Publicly listed company

Industry: Real estate

Region: Africa

Integrated Report 2016

Integrated Report 2016

EY Excellence in Integrated Report Awards 2017 - Top 10

2nd (with Honours)

Risks and opportunities

IR Guiding Principles

  • Strategic focus and future orientation
  • Connectivity of information
  • Stakeholder relationships


IR Guiding Principles

  • Conciseness
Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2014

Special Award: Integrated Reporting

Judge's comments
Redefine's report is an excellent example of how a property company can tell the story of how it creates value. The report uses the concept of the capitals in telling this story and sensibly concentrates on the role of its ‘manufactured capital’ (i.e., its property portfolio). It does not, however, neglect the other capitals. For example, the reader is also left with a clear sense of how human capital plays a role in the group’s business model and creates value.
The first section of the report entitle 'essential reads' provides the reader with a crisp and clear introduction to the report  that incorporates a high-level overview of the group’s capitals, properties, geographic spread, strategy, strategic priorities and risks. 
Strategies are linked to key risks and the residual risks are cleverly rated using icons. The financial director's report is informative and achieves a sensible balance between highlights, graphics and narrative. Furthermore, the central value creation theme of the report is carried through into the financial director's report and thereby adds to the cohesiveness of this report.