MTN Group

Organization type: Publicly listed company

Industry: Telecommunications

Region: Africa

Integrated Report 2019

Integrated Report 2019

Business model

IR Guiding Principles

  • Consistency and comparability
Integrated Report 2017

Integrated Report 2017

Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2014

Award: 2015 Excellence in Integrated Reporting - Top 10

Judge's comments

MTN’s explanation of how it creates value is excellent. The report is structured in a sensible manner and good use is made of icons and cross-referencing to improve navigation and connectivity. The presentation of the group’s strategic focus and future orientation is crisp and clear.

All the key elements of the group’s value creation story are clearly presented using an appropriate blend of infographics and narrative. A useful explanation of where the group operates is followed by a detailed description of its operating context. This section is then followed by a comprehensive explanation of how the group creates value and incorporates inputs, outputs and outcomes relating to the various capitals that it employs.
Material issues are clearly identified for both internal and external environments and are linked to the group’s strategic themes, which are, then in turn, linked to where greater detail on each issue can be found in the report. The group’s performance against each of its strategic themes is presented using KPIs, together with the capitals and stakeholders that are relevant to each indicator, in a manner that clearly shows which areas require attention.
The corporate governance section is well laid out and achieves the objective of explaining how the various governance processes will support MTN’s ability to create value in the future.

Integrated Reporting Awards

Top 40: Merit