Barclays Africa Group

Organization type: Publicly listed company

Industry: Financial services

Region: Africa

Integrated Report 2017

Integrated Report 2017


IR Guiding Principles

  • Connectivity of information
  • Stakeholder relationships
Integrated Report 2016

Integrated Report 2016

EY Excellence in Integrated Report Awards 2017 - Top 10


Top 40

Merit Award

Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2014

Award: 2015 Excellence in Integrated Reporting - Top 10

Judge's comments

Barclays Africa’s report achieves an excellent balance between summarized information and detailed disclosures. The report starts with a crisp and effective introductory overview of the business that includes a business model that demonstrates how each of the core activities translate into products and services that meet the needs of customers and clients. 

Material matters are clearly presented, together with the process that was used to identify them. Furthermore, those matters that are material to the organization’s sustainability are clearly presented, together with an explanation of how these matters are being dealt with. The report uses a balanced scorecard approach to strategy and the reader is left with a clear sense of performance against previous commitments, as well as the strategic priorities for the year ahead. 
The KPIs that are used to evaluate performance are clear and sensibly show the trend over three years. The reporting is balanced and a serious effort has been made to include all matters, both positive and negative.
Key extracts from the financial statements are appropriately included in the informative financial director's review. Within the corporate governance section, the Board’s objectives are clearly outlined and we liked the way in which a serious attempt has been made to link remuneration to the group’s KPIs.

Integrated Reporting Awards

Overall Winner