Exxaro · Integrated Report 2017 · Risks and opportunities

  • Connectivity of information

Key observations:

Exxaro shows a somewhat unique and comprehensive approach to the company’s risk and opportunities disclosure. The diagrams on pg 54-55 demonstrate what processes are in place to enable the risk and opportunities management process in a layered approach. There is a separate section outlining key opportunities, linking these back to Exxaro’s strategy. Trends for the top risks are shown over the current and preceding years providing insight into how these have moved from year to year, together with heat maps for inherent and residual risk showcasing the potential impact and probability of occurrence of the top risks. The section ends with a table featuring 10 key risks that have significant implications on the company’s ability to realise its strategy – these are discussed under the headings of driver, driver category, impact, impact category, treatment / controls and links each to the corresponding material issue, strategic KPI and if assurance was obtained.

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