York Timbers Pty Ltd · Integrated Report 2017 · Risks and opportunities

  • The capitals
  • Connectivity of information
  • Conciseness

Key observations:

York Timbers’ principal risks discussion presents information in a concise (3E of the <IR> Framework) yet informative manner by using succinct bullet points. After initially presenting risks in a risk heat matrix, detailed tables take readers through a number of additional aspects. Each of the key risks is initially described, with icons then indicating whether the ‘probability’ and ‘impact’ of each is low, medium or high. The section then discusses the mitigating strategies and opportunities arising from each individual risk, thereby showing alignment with 4.25 of the <IR> Framework which calls for insight into the steps being taken to mitigate or manage risks. Bullet points are again used to summarise which KPIs are linked to each risk, thereby demonstrating connectivity of information (3B), before additional icons indicate which capitals are affected by the risks (4.24).

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