Iberdrola · Integrated Report 2017 · Performance

  • The capitals

Key observations:

The section of Iberdrola’s Integrated Report 2017 titled “Our Assets” describes how its resources have been managed in order to create value. The assets accord with the categories and description of the six capitals suggested by the fundamental concept “The Capitals” (International <IR> Framework, para. 2.15). Information is provided for each of the capitals through narrative and quantitative forms, but the extract from the Integrated Report 2017 only covers manufactured capital and intellectual capital.

The description of the ways in which the capitals have been used assists in explaining how Iberdrola has achieved its strategic objectives and its outcomes in terms of effects on the capitals (International <IR> Framework, para. 4.30). For manufactured capital there is a description for each of the major assets, the size, principle activities and outlook, and a summary of the quantity and quality of electricity supply. For intellectual capital there is a description of the management approach, principal activities and outlook, and a summary of the main research and development projects.

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