Mondi · Integrated Report 2019 · Organizational overview and external environment

  • Connectivity of information
  • Stakeholder relationships

Key observations:

Mondi’s 2019 Integrated Report details how it maintains and nurtures its relationships with stakeholders, in line with paragraph 3.11 of the International <IR> Framework. For each stakeholder group, Mondi explains why it engages, describes its methods of engagement, and sets out the key issues discussed during the stakeholder engagement process. Moreover, for each stakeholder group, Mondi provides page references to other sections of the report, where readers can find out more about how Mondi engaged in 2019. On the following two pages, Mondi uses case studies to showcase how stakeholder views have helped to shape capital expenditure decisions. It uses case studies from the Czech Republic, South Africa and Poland, and explains the Board consideration of stakeholder input for each case study.

Integrated Report 2019
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