Peoples Leasing & Finance  · Annual Report 2019 · Outlook

  • Strategic focus and future orientation

Key observations:

The Operating Environment section of People's Leasing and Finance's Integrated Report begins by outlining the economic and political context as well as market factors affecting the company's external environment (para. 4.4 of the International <IR> Framework), and how this affected PLF's performance for the reporting year. In the 'Optimistic Vibes' paragraph of the section, PLF then gives an overview of how external environment factors might affect the business going forward (para. 4.34 and 4.35 of the International <IR> Framework), describing the potential positive impact of Sri Lanka's performance on ease of business and tourism rankings on PLF's SME leasing business.

The next section then features the economic, political, and tourism-related external factors outlined in the Operating Environment section as risks and/or opportunities in a risk and opportunity map (discussion of risks and opportunities - para. 4.37 of the International <IR> Framework), thus also demonstrating connectivity of information (para. 3.6 of the International <IR> Framework).

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